What’s Cookin’?

About 10 years ago, I found myself at my heaviest weight at about 20 years old. I was technically considered obese, and I couldn’t believe my weight had gone so far. Of course, now I look back and understand how it occurred, but I also see how easy it is for our eating and weight to get out of control, especially for an average college student learning how to live on their own.

In the peak of my obesity, my mom had recently moved to Florida and I stayed in New York for school. I was on my own, figuring life and college out, all while being in a negative living situation I couldn’t immediately get out of. I was working part-time at a pharmacy, which often consisted of going out for half-price appetizers at Applebee’s at 10:00 PM with my friends and co-workers. Even days we didn‘t go out after work, I often found myself getting fast food on my way home, even if I ate “dinner” beforehand. I was addicted to food. I was depressed, and I found solace in the junk that I ate.

I was given the suggestion of trying out Jenny Craig to initially lose the weight. I was finally able to learn what correct portions looked like, and no longer had to worry about what I was eating as a college student. After I lost a large chunk of the weight, I not only began to learn how to eat on my own, but I also began to learn how to cook, as best as a college student on a tight budget can.

I began to experiment – from Ramen packets with cheese slices to grilled chicken and rice – and then eventually began to dive into real and simple meals when I had access to a real kitchen.

This isn’t a health blog. This isn’t a Weight Watchers recipes blog. This isn’t just a cooking blog. This is a journey in the kitchen, from college hacks to full blown adult meals. This is about cooking on a budget to eventually having access to all the required and obscure ingredients.

Life is a journey, and so is food. While food is for survival, food is also a story. They say you are what you eat, because it says so much about you and your story in the moment. Here is my story, and I hope you can find some relation and some advice from it.

Thank you for reading,

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